Each PC Hand Built

🥃Experience ultimate performance with META PCs; our crafted PCs are powerful enough to tackle anything with ease.

The Pinnacle of Performance

Our gaming PCs are designed and built to provide the ultimate gaming experience, combining cutting-edge components with expert craftsmanship for unbeatable performance.

The Best PC In Your Zip Code

Our gaming PCs are the best available in the country, outperforming even the top-shelf rigs from local stores.

No Compromises

When you choose a watercooled PC, you can be sure that you're getting the very best. With no compromises on quality, you can game with confidence knowing that you have a powerful and reliable PC.

Purpose Engineered Cooling

Our experienced engineers go above and beyond to ensure our watercooled PCs are built to perfection, optimizing every step of the build to provide the best cooling possible.

A Work Of Art

Our watercooled PCs are quite literally a 1 of 1 work of art, crafted with the utmost care and expertise by the top experts in the field.

Why Choose META PCs?

Lifetime Assistance

🌞Our team is here to help with any tech needs you have.

Tidy Cabling

༺Our experts make sure all cables are neatly arranged.

Quality Checked

♉Our technicians thoroughly inspect each PC to ensure perfect performance.